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Making excuses about needing to talk to Weiss about something, Vaughn sneaks
into the den, cracks open the safe using a Marshall gizmo ...

and starts to copy the Restoration with his watch camera thingy

Now Olivia has the unladylike malady of ants in her pants - she wants to get going on the decoding, but Vaughn's in the way

Lauren says, all right already, I'll handle him, and heads off to find her hubby

Now Marshall's light bulb sensor picks up a new EM reading, indicating another
person has entered the house, or another blue square with the Man from U.N.C.L.E.
sign will soon be after them

which has Marshall saying, Open Channel D, Vaughn, someone's coming

and that someone is Lauren, who wants to know what her hubby is doing in here

Vaughn says, hey, just lookin' at our wedding album - wanna look?

Lauren's more into smooching, and saying things about wanting to be happy again
like on their wedding day

which Syd realizes does not refer to eating a tall cake with lots of decorations

and which Marshall wishes he weren't hearing

and which Vaughn must wish he weren't doing from the look on his face

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