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So off Syd and Vaughn go to this Novgorod Rambaldi lab, littered on the outside with dead bodies

and on the inside with papers, indicating that someone got there first

They only find a little green goo left and Syd gets a sample for Marshall to analyze

while Vaughn starts to upload lots of files, mostly video files, which show ...

a very young Nadia doing the Rambaldi writing years ago in this same facility. Before
they finish they are interrupted by ...

Colonel Katya Derevko

who tranqs the guards and introduces herself to Sydney as her aunt

and helps them escape

Back in Kyoto, Sloane gives Nadia a sedative and a pep talk of how he's so proud
of Nadia, courageously destroying the green goo and all

Nadia gives Sloane a put-down, saying how she use to make herself all dirty on Sun-
days when potential adoption parents would visit, because she was waiting for her
real father, and now she wishes she had cleaned herself up

Shifting continents to this Novgorodian safe house, it's time for history lessons

Seems Nadia did do the Rambaldi channeling about 20 years ago, but she was kidnapped before she could finish the message, Vaughn filling in the bit that it was his dad who did the kidnapping to keep Nadia safe

Katya says when Irina returned to Russia 25 years ago, she was put in jail as a suspected traitor, where she gave birth a few months later to a daughter taken from her when the baby was one day old. Katya says the only reason she joined the secret service was to help Irina find Nadia

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