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Back at the JTF, it's briefing formation again, with Jack saying that Dr. Lee has been
meeting recently with Sloane, and that he's head of a Cuban bioweapons facility in

Dixon gives assignments - Sydney and Vaughn to Cuba to get info about Sloane from Lee, and Jack to Katya's apartment to work with her investigating Sloane's financials

Vaughn's all, yeah but ... yeah but ... if those satellites had been looking for Lauren, we'd have found Sloane, saved Nadia, the grass would be greener, global warming would be stopped, and my stomach acid would be neutralized ... or words to that effect

Afterwards, Jack stops Vaughn for a talk about the danger to Sydney and the mission
with all this unresolved wife hatred

Jack suggests closure, aids to which can be found in his storage garage with this key:
stuff there like untraceable weapons and disposal methods for wifely remains

Vaughn says, hey, that's not me

Jack says, keep the key, and walks away to his next scene

Now Jack's next scene is with his sister-in-law, Katya, who decides to take a break
from Sloane financials by asking Jack if he knew about Irina's affair with Sloane
at the time

Poor Jack says nope, and then listens to Katya telling him, you've intrigued me
since Irina talked about you, you're sexy, deal with it, and suddenly it's Aaron
Spelling night on Alias

They do get back to business, with Katya identifying a company that did business with Sloane recently as one that had done business recently in Chamonix

which has Jack remembering Toni Cummings   and calling Toni's jail to set up an interview

Before Jack leaves, a little more Spelling creeps in as Katya mentions how hard it's
going to be on Jack, going all alone
through finding Syd's sister and all the infidelity

at which point Jack leaves

At this rather amazing bioweapons research facility in Cienfuegos, here are two guys
playing dice

only to be interrupted by a wet and distressed Sydney

She asks for help

while Vaughn tranqs the guards

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