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Back in Kyoto, it's that green goo again, and poor Nadia is about to get another

Nadia wants to know why Daddy Sloane is doing this hurty thing

Sloane goes all Biblical, and says, remember Abraham, ready to sacrifice son Isaac until the angel came and stopped things

During Sloane's Biblical allusions, Nadia has worked herself free and gives Sloane
a lesson in reality involving a hypo into his chest

and heads over

and smashes all the green goo bottles

before Sloane gives Nadia a hypo of sedative

Now this leaves Sloane with a problem of green goo supply, so he calls this guy,
promises him big bucks if he can deliver some more green goo which can be found
at a special facility in Novgorod. Unfortunately for Sloane, this guy calls Sark and
makes a deal with Sark for more money

Back at the JTF, Vaughn has checked himself out of the hospital early and into the

Now Vaughn starts talking about, in spite of Lauren, taking full responsibility for what happened, he messed up, and can Syd try to get passed that?

Editorial comment - huh?

Syd's willing to think about it

Editorial comment - maybe that made more sense to her than it seemed

Moments later, it's another briefing - seems they caught the convo between Sloane
and the guy re the Novgorod green goo supply, which Jack explains is housed at
the Soviet Rambaldi research facility closed in the 80's

The mission - send Sydney and Vaughn to get the green goo first and tag it so
they can track it to Sloane. Vaughn wants to track Lauren too, really, right now,
with satellites, even though we don't know where she is, which doesn't really fly
with the others at this point

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