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Back in Kyoto, Sloane waits for his green goo delivery

but ends up with different gooey visitors, namely Sark and Lauren

Sark says, yep, we've got it, we're gooey, and we want a partnership

Lauren says, yeah, and we wanna watch. too

Awwww, poor Arvin Sloane - Sark and Lauren infestations can be rough

Back at the JTF, Marshall explains the green goo is protein glops that go to the
brain and provide stored muscle memory, which causes one to unconsciously
do things like drawing, but hey, it's sort of toxic in quantity

Analyzing the video of young Nadia being injected, the doc's reflection shows

Syd's and Marshall's   old nemesis, the nasty dentist and torturer

He's got a name at last - Dr. Zhang Lee, lead scientist in the Novgorod Passenger
experiments, and as Will showed  , one in five

Menwhile back in Kyoto, Sloane injects Nadia with his unwanted guests looking on

and Nadia does her trance thing

and the writing thing

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