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Syd and Vaughn enter the lab

much to the annoyance of an experimenting Dr. Lee

With gun cover from Vaughn, Syd says hey, remember me from the pilot ep, red hair, Taipei?   And tell me about those Passenger experiments and what my sis was drawing

Lee says, it was drawings and numbers, and an equation that would lead to a place
where they would find Rambaldi. But sorry, don't know where Sloane is if he's not in

Vaughn's not convinced and says you tell, or else I'll pour acid on you,
which doc doesn't and he ...


which has Syd saying, hey, too far, but Vaughn saying, hey, he'd have done the same

Back in LA, Jack meets Toni Cummings for info on the security system she designed
for Arvin Sloane

Now Toni says she designed it for him, but didn't build it, but if you get me out of here for timed served, I'll help you track down where it was built

Yeah, sure, you betcha

On a plane flying back from Cuba

Syd's not too happy about the acid interrogation, and says so

Vaughn knows he went too far, but he says he really really needs to find his wife, and she can't get away with what she did, which has Syd telling him, hey, buster, you'd better be prepared because she just might, really really

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