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Now Dixon stops Jack and says, hey, now that everyone here knows all about your wife's affair with Sloane because of the Nadia business, you wanna talk?

Uh, no

What Jack wants to do is go visitin'

Jack says he can go through this alone

but it looks like

he won't have to

as the smoochin' starts

Meanwhile Vaughn starts to deal

by grabbin' some guns

and letting his imagination take aim


And so, one more episode left in the season, and the questions remain:

Will Vaughn ever find his aim and shoot his wife?

Will Jack really be that upset by people knowing that his wife had an affair with Sloane
since they all know already his wife was a KGB agent who played him for a sucker for
years, stole intelligence, and murdered CIA agents?

Will all the dialogue start to make sense?

What is Rambaldi's endgame?

What will they find at the location that the green goo-induced scribbles indicate? Will it be Rambaldi?

Is Marshall Rambaldi?

Is Jack Rambaldi?

Was the real Francie Rambaldi, which might have been why she was such a good cook?

Will we get any answers in the season finale?

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