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Back in Toni's cell, Marshall is working with Toni to check on supply orders that would
match Toni's security system, and voila, it looks like Sloane's security system is in
Kyoto, and it looks like Toni will have to go to help disable it

Toni's impressed by Marshall's techniques and offers him a job, starting salary one million

Marshall is flattered but decides to remain a good guy

Back in Kyoto

Nadia is slowing down her scribbling, apparently building up a goo tolerance,
but too much goo and she dies

Sark says, yes, but we'd still have the equation

Lauren says, hey, we all make sacrifices

Sloane says, don't push

While all of this is going on, a surprisingly quiet helicopter comes flying over the
Kyoto house, with Sydney, Toni, and Vaughn dangling underneath

Weiss is in the Hummer being Bravo

Back inside, Sloane sets up an IV bag of goo for Nadia


and tells Nadia she'll be OK
but Nadia says the angel isn't coming this time

But wait, it's kind of angels, or angels with dirty faces, or maybe angels with
Beretta's and maybe a Smith and Wesson, also known as Sloane guards

who shoot it out with Sark

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