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While Sloane's angels with dirty guns shoot it out inside, the good guys arrive from

Toni disables the security system

while Syd checks in with Bravo and gives the go ahead

Now Sark has, as usual, managed to shoot all of the well-armed guards, and once
more Sloane is being forced to put the IV into Nadia, and once more Sloane issues
the promise, you're gonna regret this, Julian

when Vaughn and Syd show up, giving Sloane an opportunity to take out the IV and
duck as

Vaughn races past, despite plea from Sydney to stay and help secure things, eager to catch his charming

gun-totin' Lauren

So Syd is left without backup as she releases Nadia, keeping a gun on Sloane

who is once again rescued by guards ...

one of whom gets a drop on Sydney

but is shot by Nadia, who promptly collapses

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