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It all begins with a cell phone non-ringing in some manner that wakes a sleeping
Lauren Reed Vaughn

who turns on her light and discovers her already-wide-awake husband sitting next
to their bed, a watch in hand

which has her asking, uh ....

which causes Vaughn to start his tale of not being able to sleep, deciding a middle-of-the-night jog was a good idea, looking for his keys, finding this watch that's broken, and remembering his dad always was on time for appointments

which has her asking, uh ...

when he finally finishes his stream-of-consciousness monologue, kisses the missus,
and heads out for his middle-of-the-night jog

Later at the JTF, proud papa Marshall is showing off pictures of his new son Mitchell

to politely appreciative co-workers

as well as slightly non-appreciative co-workers, who cut it short to attend the next briefing ...

Seems a fundamentalist terrorist group out of the Phillipines called the Shining Sword
has got themselves a plasma charge, according to intercepted chit chat

Seeems a plasma charge is a tiny little bugger bomb, according to Marshall, about
six inches in diameter, with a lot of destructive power

Seems Vaughn and Sydney get to go to a commercial server storage facility in Vancouver where the bad guys have stored all their messages, including bomb shipment info, to find out where the bomb is

Seems Lauren gets to look furtive to point out her newly-revealed wicked ways

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