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Back in LA

Lauren meets her non-shooting-the-bad-guy-when-you-have-the-drop-on-him hubby in a bar, and suddenly maybe the criminal mastermind of Lauren is a little more obvious when contrasted to the secret-agentness of Michael Vaughn

but they're interrupted by her cell phone again

It's Sark, and he's baiting Lauren about Vaughn dropping that gun to save Sydney

so she hangs up and gives hubby a big smoochy

Back at the JTF, Jack stops by to say hi to ...

his sweet daughter Sydney

Jack does the unthinkable - he admits that he actually requires sustenance, and he
suggests dinner out with his daughter

Hey, something is going right for Syd!

Hey, Jack can smile!

Aawww, Sydney gives a teary yes

Father and daughter walk out of the JTF together, unknowing of any future chaos
that might be caused by Sloane's claim to fatherhood, unknowing of how many more
times Sark will be allowed to roam free because the agents here are nincompoops,
unknowing of when the next ax will fall from the overworked brains of the writers, and
so, dear viewers, we can bask in the prehaps temporary but sweet view of this lovely
family scene

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