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Syd does a quick check for cars with keys and finds

this incoveniently-parked pick-up that just happens to be the featured advertised
vehicle on this week's broadcast, which they commandeer

So the nimble little Mustang is chased by the big ol', but nicely appointed, Ford pick-up

and - surprise, surprise - the Mustang gallops away ...

pushing past cars that get in its way ...

and rides off into the streets of Vancouver

while the pick-up is blocked by ... why, it's a Blue Ford Focus!

So, do you think?? .... could it be??

Yep, it's got to be ... classic case of revenge of the Blue Ford Focus you totaled last season  

Back in LA, Marshall needs 12 hours and lots of coffee to decrypt the shipping info
from the partially-destroyed download

So while Marshall goes for more coffee, Vaughn takes a moment to look beat, but in
an attractive Vaughn way

Syd says, oh, yesterday was the anniversary of your dad's death, wasn't it?

Vaughn is, wow, you remembered that

Before more talk about the dad death anniversary, Vaughn's cell phone rings with a
how-ya-doin' call from Lauren

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