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Once again, Sydney wants to talk

but this time we hear Lauren say, hey, I'm done talkin' ...

and Syd say, no you're not - you talk to your hubby, not me, cause I'm behavin' myself

We see Lauren give Syd one of those arch looks that she can now give since
the viewers know she's baaaaddd

and Weiss notices, and suddenly we realize that we're getting the story all over
again, with the missing bits filled in

Lauren, in her new guise as Covenant mastermind, calls Sark with the info on the plasma charge and the Vancouver op and says, let's get there first

Sark's all, oooooo, you're so ambitious, domineering, fantastic, superlative, great, briliant, etc., adding the necessary character exposition that has been left out of the character

So it's back to Vancouver

only this time we see Sark doing an upside-down entrance into the server building and killing the guard

while bewigged Lauren drops in herself, so that she can get to a vault, steal the data and upload a corrupting virus all before her hubby and Syd show up

which is what she does, while doing some convo with Sark about her putting another
black mark on her husband's field record, and thus systematically ruining the guy

Now Sydney and Vaughn arrive earlier than expected

and don't notice Sark playing guard at the desk behind them, where he stays until Lauren says done and get the car

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