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Once again there's the vault manager, and this time we learn he's wondering where the guard is who should be sitting at the desk

whom he finds dead, just as he himself will be, he's told by Lauren behind him with a gun, if he doesn't shoot Sydney and Vaughn when they come out of the vault room

which explains why the guy starts to shoot at Syd and Vaughn ...

because Lauren's holding a gun on him, and kills him when he misses the CIA's
lovesick duo

It's Lauren who's heard dashing up the stairs, with Syd and Vaughn following

and getting in the car with Sark, and eluding the pickup with Syd and Vaughn

and escaping into traffic

which gets her excited and gets her demanding Sark pull into an alley

where she jumps him

and the scene morphs into a bedroom scene

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