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Furtive isn't so good these days, since the CIA has decided that maybe all that info leakrd to the Covenant is from a mole, so Langley's sent out their de-moler squad, Jack's helping, and Lauren gets the first appointment

Lauren says, oh, dear, I'd just love to, really I would, but I've got an NSC briefing in DC tonight, and so escapes from the de-molers for the time being

After the briefing, Lauren tries to escape Sydney, but gets caught in a talk that we
don't hear

while Weiss checks in with Vaughn

and asks, how's Lauren?

to which Vaughn replies cryptically, she didn't remember, but heck she's busy and I didn't say anything, and heads out. So even though we get to hear this talk, we don't know what the heck he meant by that

Meanwhile, across the room, Lauren again is doing the furtive bit

and has Weiss staring

Scene change to this stock footage of Zurich

where Dr. Barnett, still in Zurich since the last episode, gets a call from ...
Sloane, who apologizes for his behavior in the previous episode and suggests dinner at a particular restaurant that night

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