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Meawhile in Zurich, Sloane waits for the arrival of ...

Dr. Judy Barnett, who says she's just there for professional reasons

Sloane seems to appreciate her professional décolletage, but not her curiosity about
the Rambaldi device that changed him, the one that said 'peace' - seems it also spit
out 8 yards of parchment before the 'peace' bit, and since it had no words, Sloane
tossed the paper, or so he said

Now the good doc is wonderin', would Rambaldi-obsessed Sloane really toss 8 yards of Rambaldi parchment, and after all, there's that secret he said that's bothering him

Now Sloane gets a might testy at this, not liking her implication, and says, yes, I've got a secret but I can't tell it to anyone, and those are my rules

at which point the good professionally-décolletaged doctor says, be seein' ya, and

Meanwhile, back in LA, Sydney and Vaughn get some good news from Marshall - seems that the bomb is being shipped on a freighter docked in Lisbon ...

and they can find the bomb on the freighter with this nifty device that sure looks a lot like a stud finder

So it's off to this nice freighter docked in Lisbon

with their nifty bomb-sniffer-and-stud-finder

which tells them, go below, yo ho, go below

while Dixon and Marshall monitor

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