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Vaughn still gets that call from Lauren ..

who is preoccupied but checking up for hints that she had been recognized by hubby or Sydney

Now it's back to the Zurich dinner where Barnett storms off

Sloane catches up with her and tries some apologies, saying, ya know, I used to be
a bad guy and sometimes I regress

And that secret I keep talking about, well as a kind of symbol of good behavior, I'll tell you - I had an affair with Irina Derevko and betrayed Jack Bristow, and I feel so bad about it

which has Barnett asking the biggie - arre you Sydney's father?

And controlliing and manipulative Arvin Sloane says, well, hey, I never tried to
prove it, but isn't Syd strong like me?

Back in Lisbon, it's Vaughn and Sydney with the bomb-and-stud finder

being trailed by this stud and a raccoon, who it turns out are - surprise surprise - the ones who shoot Vaughn in the Kevlar in the first half of the episode

and - surprise surprise - Vaughn's not dead

So once she sits him up, Syd goes off to the engine room to look for the bomb, and
Vaughn's gonna go cover

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