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Syd goes to engine room

and finds the bomb while

Vaughn finds a baddie

with racoon eyes

Oops, but it seems Sark's got the drop on Sydney, and yells up to Vaughn, if you
love Syd, put the gun down

which he eventually does

and gets slugged by the masked raccoon of a Lauren

Syd takes the opportunity for some kicks herself and gets away from Sark, who grabs
the bomb

Once away from Sark, Syd chases the masked raccoon but loses her

Vaughn chases Sark and finds him ...

on a ladder, holding the bomb, dead to rights, and for some unfathomable reason, he doesn't shoot

So Sark takes a moment to arm the bomb before tossing it to Vaughn and running away

Vaughn disarms the bomb, with Marshall's help

with two seconds to spare

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