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But wait, someone's shooting at them

and hits Vaughn in the Kevlar, with Syd pulling them both to safety behind a nice heavy steel door

and the camera goes in to focus on knocked-out Vaughn

Now as we're waiting to see if they just killed off one of the main characters in the
episode, we're back at the beginning again with the blinking cell phone

and Vaughn with the broken watch, getting ready to go for a jog again

and Lauren watching him go

and Lauren returning the wake-up call and hearing

Sark, who says hey, we think some of our rival baddies just got some new
technology, so keep an ear open at the CIA tomorrow

Once more, there's furtive Lauren listening furtively to the plasma charge info

and Dixon's info about where they can find the shipment papers on the plasma charge,
repeated once again just in case we missed it the first time

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