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In Alias, staircases never have an easy life - in this it's in Belfast and lots of people are running down it while some officer types are running up

In fact, most of the people are running out of the building

to get away from one of those plasma bombs from the last episode

Unfortunately the bomb squad is not too successful defusing this one

which is what the CIA is talking about in their briefing

Dixon explains that the guy who did the dirty deed sent a message to the Covenant that he's willing to sell them the bomb for the next 48 hours only- after that the bomb goes on the open market and there's another demo

Bomber's name is Daniel Ryan and just to prove how good it is, Ryan also sent intel to the bomb squad in Belfast so that they could get there and prove it's non-defusable

which Marshall confirms, and says the bomb's also more destructive than the one
he's got to play with from the last episode

Jack says two options - either trick Ryan by pretending to be the Covenant and getting him to give them the bomb, or arrest Ryan and do some direct persuading

Syd suggests bringing back the guest star who played the Covenant defector a few episodes ago and ask him for intel about Ryan

And so the scruffy defector Leonid Lysenker appears once more, full of intel on
Ryan's Covenant protocols, full of love for American television and full of disdain for
for basic North American cigarettes

Meanwhile, Weiss and Vaughn plan the extraction of their guest star bomber from a pub in Ireland. Weiss takes a moment to ask where the heck is Lauren, and how's the Vaughnsters' marriage

Vaughn starts to answer, not in this episode and uh ...marvelous ... when Sydney shows up

leaving Sydney saying quickly, got the Lysenker info and we'd better tell Dixon to get
this episode rolling so I can get out of this embarassing situation

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