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Dixon clears JTF

but the officers ready to clear Ryan out are stopped by ...

Jack ....

Now Ryan doesn't know Jack - he actually quips, you going to try coercion now?

No, but maybe some killing

Now Syd's with Marshall, trying to figure out if they can duplicate the message sent to the bombs and rverse it, when ...

Syd sees Jack and Ryan on the monitor

Just before applying the final fatal pressure, Jack tells Ryan a little piece of info -
there is no white light at the time of death for people like you - and kills him

Syd arrives to see

Dead Ryan and Jack

Jack tells Syd to get the defibrillator, that Ryan said he was prepared to die and
let's see about that

So with a shot of presumed adrenaline in the heart

and a mighty electric shock, Ryan revives

You give us the code that disarms both bombs or we do that all over again

This time Ryan gives them the right codes

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