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So Syd goes back to Ryan, isn't buying his "be patient" reply to why the contact's a no-show, and says, you contact your contact right now

Ryan says, oops, sorry, no can do

which sends Syd into the Land of Obvious Suspicions and into a call back to Vaughn,
to confirm something's rotten in the air corridor between Rome and Paris tonight, but
it's not Vaughn in his cute academic look

Sydney calls He Who Knows All Things Crooked, aka Avin Sloane, for intel on Ryan

Sloane says Ryan's a free-lancer, sells to anybody, but before his brother Christopher died two years ago he only sold to political letists. And the rumor is that Christopher was killed by the Covenant, and now gotta go to ...

attend to his snuggle bunny, Dr. Barnett

Back at the CIA, they check out info on Christopher Ryan, a bad dude bomber who
seems to have stopped bombing about two years before

and he looks like this

which has Syd going, uh oh

he's the guy the Covenant had her kill as a show of loyalty that we saw
in the giant flash-back-to-explain-the-two-year-mystery episode

Sydney says Kendall showed her the photograph of the guy she killed, but they didn't know a name

Jack puts it all together for the viewers - so if Ryan blows up a plane with Sark of the Covenant and lots of people, he gets public revenge and a good demo for potential buyers

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