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So Sark and Vaughn move the bomb

and put it in cooler and start to seal it with duct tape

Back in LA, Ryan says he needs to dial to a pager thingee connected to the bomb,
punch in some numbers on the phone and voila, the bomb deactivates

Uh .... OK

Now Syd calls Vaughn to tell him what's happening and to get him to monitor the bomb

Ryan gives number code

to Dixon who

punches it in

and instead of deactivating it, the bomb starts to count down from five minutes

eliciting from Vaughn the simple but true pronouncement, Syd, he screwed us

More bad news - Marshall says he screwed the CIA too - the bomb in his office is
now ticking

Seems Ryan knew that the Covenant killed his brother and that the person who did
it was a Julia Thorne, as a test of loyalty, so basically it's, you-killed-my-brother-

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