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Now Vaughn uncovers this bomb, like the one he defused in Lisbon last episode
but it's got this vial of mercury gizmo

Marshall says, barometric sensor, which means plane goes boom if they descend

which means Vaughn hustles ..

to pilot with news - under 18,000 feet we go boom

Meanwhile, Sydney goes to Ryan as her real self, with the Dad's idea of hey, let's
work this together - you help defuse the bomb and we'll bring down the Covenant
for you

and this isn't really Moscow but LA ..

and Lysenker's still here and Weiss isn't dead

Now Ryan's impressed, but still not sure

so they bring him to the JTF

and Dixon says, disable the bomb, turn over all files and blueprints on the bomb, and you'll be free to move about some country

Ryan's thinking, and working out what the CIA has been up to with fake and
real Sarks, et. al.

Jack's making the point again, in an attractive manner - disable the bomb, or you
go to a different kind of place altogether

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