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At an unspecified time later in Belfast

Ryan the Bomber is joined by

Weiss the Fed, who says he's taking him in for transporting illegal explosives with intent to kill, with the help of the local constabulary

So Ryan, Weiss, and local constabulary go out to car in the alley

only to be ambushed

and shot, if you're Weiss, and shocked and confusled, if you're Ryan

But wait, we know that red-wigged ambusher - it's Sydney, spinning Ryan a tale
about being Covenant and about rescuing him before the feds could arrest him

and before he can say, credentials please, he gets tranqued, and so he misses
the resurrection of Weiss and the other shooting victims

The set-up - it's almost the Commodore Hotel in Moscow, Room 305, Ryan's fave
recreated with Lysenker's and the set decorators' help

It's still-tranqed Ryan

It's the CIA plus Lysenker monitoring the monitors again

and it's Ryan, at last coming to

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