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Meanwhile Marshall has a plan - if they can deactivate the motion sensor, then can put the bomb in a sealed temp-pressure place of some kind and trick it into thinking the pressure isn't changing when the plane descends

but Vaughn is confusled and needs help with the motion sensor bit

Now Ryan hasn't agreed, so Sydney tries some of that sincere emotional talk that
she's so famous for

although Ryan isn't buying the politeness so far

Sydney says, hey I hate the Covenant too because it kidnapped and tortured me for two years, and gave me the name of Julia Thorne, and hey, did you know that the man I love is on that plane?, and let's get the Covenant together

And so Sydney, breaking the action hero rule of never divulging too much to the enemy, misses the glint in Ryan's eye that appears as she mentions the name Julia Thorne

Back on the plane

Confusled Vaughn gets some help from moderately mad bomber Sark

who disables the motion sensor allowing

Vaughn to find an airtight cooler and duct tape

and Sark to surreptitiously find a knife

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