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Back at the CIA, the agents point out to Lysenker that they can't produce Mr. Sark, so why did Lysenker say they would?

Yeah, why?

Cool it, Daddy-O and Daddy-O Jr., you just need a Sark impersonator cause I think
Ryan's never met Sark ... maybe

So Ryan gets a visit from

Julian Sark, aka Vaughn in black shirt and leather jacket

while everyone listens

Ryan gives him the deal - get on board the Rome to Paris flight tomorrow night, 20 minutes after take-off my associate will give you a disk with all the info

and the associate already knows Sark, so Sark won't have to ID him

which means that the good guys have to send a message to Sark, pretending to
be Ryan, with the details for the meet and send Vaughn along to grab the disc as
well as his altered ego Sark

which they do before they show the stock footage of an airport, nominally Rome

Now Vaughn's in tourist, keeping an eye on ...

Sark in first class

but after 20 minutes, Vaughn calls Syd and says, no-show contact

which has Syd wondering what's going on

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