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First thing Ryan does is call the concierge

who says, I know nozing, in a fake Russian accent, and your colleague called and said trust ze person who will come by your room

who it turns out is red-wigged Sydney again

Now Ryan's not buyin' it

so Syd says, the authorities are after you and you're all over the newscasts, including the fake ones you can turn on you television set right now

Ryan's still not sure, asks for his penultimate contact, but Lysenker saves Syd from
the trap, telling her the penultimate contact is dead

Syd's all business, despite the nose ring - we want the weapons, you stop the second demo, the CIA will kill you if you leave this room, or else the Covenant will kill you if you leave this room

Ryan says, oh no you won't, because you want something I have - naa naa naa naa naa - so I'm leaving here right now - you just watch me

at which point Jack tells Lysenker to drop the head set and ...

Ryan makes it out the door, down the hall to the fake elevator, with Sydney trailing with gun pointed when ...

the elevator doors open to reveal Lysenker, who vouches for Syd aka Emma with hearty testimonial, and says, let's go back to your room to talk

Talking bomb deal, Ryan says OK, but he needs to deal with the co-chair of the
North American section of the Covenant directly, Mr. Sark

Lysenker says sure, he's in town, he'll come right over

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