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Back on the plane, Vaughn joins Sark in first class

for a nicer seat

and a chance to get at least one thing out of this mission, namely Sark in handcuffs

which he does in the bathroom, after also getting an observation from Sark that
being sent by a mad bomb maker to a no-show meet on a plane is a bit

Syd confirms the nervous-making scenario with a phone call to Vaughn

which has him checking out the bit in the electrical area in the cargo hold that recently had unscheduled maintenance

and apparently a bomb installation

Back in LA, it's time to put their noggins together

Jack says, Ryan wants to hurt the Covenant for revenge and we want to hurt the Covenant for whatever, so maybe we can persuade him to work with us on this

Dixon says, sounds good, let's do it

Weiss says, the French have sent fighter jets up to observe the plane, and this
doesn't really have a lot to do with the plot, but maybe it did at one time

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