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Things aren't going so well for Vaughn - Jack and Syd are off trying to find The
Passenger without the help of newly-dead Sloane, which means ...

Keep playing house with Lauren, says Dixon, and feed her disinformation to give Jack and Syd's Sloane-less search a head-start, and once we find The Passenger, then we'll ship Lauren off to one of our jail cells

Unhappy stuck-with-Leakin'-Lauren Vaughn

takes it out on target practice

At the moment, Syd isn't happy either, after Dad let Sloane croak - especially after Jack tells her that indeedy, he had The Trust info to clear Sloane


Jack explains that just as he was about to turn over the info to the DOJ guy last ep, he realized the DOJ guy must be Trust, which meant that he had to come up with another plan


and Sydney discovers that Dad came up with another successful plan because ...

there stands good ol' Arvin Sloane, thanks to Jack's special anti-toxin-laced wine

Time for some answers, like why The Passenger is so important

so Sloane explains

In the ever-increasing universe of Rambaldi documents which Sloane seems to have
collected in his pursuit of his daughter, there is a text saying that there is this Passenger
that would serve as a "direct conduit" to Rambaldi

All The Passenger would need to do is inject themselves with this magic elixir, the
formula also found in the document, and suddenly they will be channeling a message
that will be the key to Rambaldi's endgame. Just for the heck of it, Sloane tried it him-
self but zilch

Sloane's all worried that if the Covenant finds his daugher first, they'll give her massive
doses of the glowey green goo which would mess her up and/or kill her, and all I want
to do is protect my child because I'm a nice daddy

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