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Nice paleontologist tells her all about a new fossil on loan from China, but it's still in analysis, whch means restricted basement area

Aaawww, the nice paleontologist can't deny a disappointed Sydney and decides to show her the fossil anyway

Meanwhile at the torture, Vaughn mentions that Sark looks llike he's almost
reached puberty while holding his paddle

which doesn't please Sark, who ups the voltage

and in walks Lauren as Vaughn gets another jolt

Back in DC, in that restricted area of the Smithsonian basement, Syd gets a look
at the fossil, and convinces the nice paleontologist to get a copy of the CT scan
which he has to go up to a lab to retrieve, thus leaving her alone

Now Jack sits in the car and basically coordinates the op

The phone tap on the DOJ guy's line told them where The Trust would be meeting,
and Sloane crashes the meeting with a jaunty, "Greetings from the dead, gentlemen"

Wearing special retinal-scanning glasses, Sloane comments loquaciously to each member of The Trust about their deal, his pardon in exchange for Rambaldi artifacts and expertise

and getting for each member of the group ...

their retinal scan, which he uplinks to Syd's PDA via Jack-in-the-car

Syd uses the retinal scans to access ...

the cold storage vault holding the Rambaldi artifact

Unfortunately, the nice paleontologist returns a bit too soon, and gets knocked out by Syd's trusty knock-out spray so Syd can escape with the goods ... but not the fossil ... we think

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