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Back in LA, Marshall has figured out where Vaughn is

and Weiss and team go in

and rescue nearly-dead Vaughn

Meanwhile back in Chechnya, Syd and sis take a rest break in their escape

Syd wonders why sis was pretending to be catatonic, and when sis says can't tell you, Syd realizes that Talia is an agent

Yep, she's an agent for Argentine Intelligence, and what you said back there, is it true?

Syd says yes, true, sisters, and your father found you

Sis starts to get a bit weepy

As Syd helps her up, sis tells Syd her name is Nadia

Later at the safe house, Nadia is conked out, with Daddy Sloane hovering

Syd muses on the fact that now she's got a sis

Jack reminds Sydney about not making the same mistake twice

Moments later, Nadia comes to, sees Sloane, and says, I know who you are

Sloane says, hey, I'm not a criminal anymore, all because when I found out I had a
daughter two years ago, I wanted to clean up my act so when we met you wouldn't
still think I'm Sloane the Bad Guy

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