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Seems poor Talia is catatonic

Seems poor Syd is getting all involved, telling her sis her name is Sydney, she's her sister, sorry it took me so long to find you, and I'm breaking you out of here

Back in LA, Marshall discovers some interesting footage from a security camera

of Vaughn being picked up by Sark and Lauren, which has Dixon saying, get all sur-
veillance video from the area to track them

Back at the torture chamber, this time they really are prepping Vaughn for the
Inferno Protocol

Sark asks if Brill told Vaughn where The Passenger is and Vaughn says yes.
Sark asks him to spill the bean and Vaughn says no

Before any other questions can be asked, Sark gets a phone call telling him where The Passenger is, and so Vaughn is forgotten as they leave for this new location

but not before turning up the IV to kill Vaughn

Nearly-dead Vaughn

Back in Chechnya, Syd gets Talia in a wheel chair

but is attacked by guards

and surprise, Talia isn't really in a coma and starts to fight alongside Syd,

giving a guard a proper elbow punch

Once the guards are knocked out, Syd helps Talia as they make their escape

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