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Before anything else can be said, there's an explosion in front

Jack and Syd run out to put up a fight, but on retreating they find ...

an empty room with no Sloane and no Nadia

which is what Sark and Lauren also find - yep, supersonic Sark and Lauren, able
to travel between LA and Chechnya is a couple of hours

cause Jack and Syd are hiding in the ceiling

Sark and Lauren discover the escape tunnel Sloane and Nadia must have used,
and make the comment that Sloane betrayed them before they leave

Jack and Syd realize they were had, that Sloane notified the Covenant to keep the
Bristows occupied while
Sloane and Nadia escaped

Once back in LA, Sydney visits Vaughn in the hospital

Vaughn grabs her hand

and asks if Syd found The Passenger

Yep, found her, then lost her - same old CIA procedure

Vaughn now fills in the missing Brill scene - his dad was killed because he took Nadia
from the KGB, hid her from Irina who killed him because of it, and there's this new
prophesy that says-
' The Passenger and the Chosen One shall battle, neither will survive'
which is why Syd shouldn't see Nadia again

Another scene switch to a room with Nadia handcuffed to an examination chair

Sloane comes in, looking upset, and says he wishes there were another way

which has Nadia pleading, please don't

but he does, inject her with the green goo elixir, which seems to send her into

And with an 'I'm sorry,' Sloane puts a mask over Nadia's face

And so once more we are left with so many questions, and only two episodes left in the season ...
Is Nadia really going to channel Rambaldi?
Does Sloane mean any of the loving father stuff he was feeding Nadia?
How many other Rambaldi prophesies will be found before they explain the first one?
And if you wear a tinfoil beany, can you keep the DOD from tracking your brainwaves?
And if the DOD can do it, what about the Martians - can they do it too?
How about Venusians?

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