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Scene switch back to Weiss, who discovers something else must have been
switched as ...

he watches this woman get out of the car he'd been tailing because he thought it
was Lauren, which means Lauren has given him the slip, and it's not one with
spaghetti straps

Now back in that freight elevator, Brill has apparently been talking up a storm, but we only catch the tail end, as he tells Vaughn, you know what you have to do, just make sure they don't get to her, it's what your dad would want you to do

Now Brill leaves on one floor, while Vaughn exits on another, his Nokia prominently displayed ...

and is promptly knocked on the head and kidnapped

Big scene switch now, to this transport plane

OK, Sloane actually says the green stuff is for a battery for another
as yet unseen Rambaldi artifact that can locate The Passenger, an artifact
that The Trust has

Syd's all, oh yeah, and how do you know?

Sloane says, cause I gave it to them

Once more, Jack does the exposition - the artifact is in a special cold storage vault
in the basement of the Smithsonian, which they need five retinal scans to open from
the five members of The Trust, who are all high-ranking government officials, one
of whom they know, namely the DOJ guy from last ep

Shortly thereafter, it's a nice stock footage of Washington, DC

Here is the DOJ guy, name of Bell, leaving a building

and getting a shocking glimpse of ...

pedestrian Arvin Sloane, who is only pedestrian in the walking sense of the word, of course

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