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Shifting once again back to two dads and a daughter

Sloane does the exposition for Sydney and the audience - each person has a unique brain wave pattern, and the DOD has this nifty new satellite that can read these brain waves up there in space and locate people

Jack returns with the news - yep, found her brain waves in a women's prison in Chechnya, and checking the prison database, whch must therefore have brain wave information, she's listed as Talia Kozlov. Oh, and just a thought, but if she's in the clink, maybe she's not exactly an innocent

to which Sloane answers, she's my daughter and we're going to find her

Jack does suggest that Syd reassess long-lost-sis-reunion expectations in the light of the fact that long-lost-sis is in jail

Syd says, hey, already made that mistake with Mom, I'm not doing it again ... Promise

Back to the torture chamber, Lauren revives Vaughn,
tells him he survived the
protocol but spilled everything, and he'd better go before Sark gets back

Looking the gift horse in the mouth, Vaughn asks why, and Lauren says the only real
thing in her life was her marriage

But Vaughn does manage to stagger out just in time to stop this friendly semi

with a friendly driver who offers Vaughn his cell phone

Vaughn calls Dixon, says he told Sark where The Passenger is, Dixon says don't worry, and hey, where exactly is The Passenger

and guess what, it's really Sark and Lauren on the other end of the line

with a computer to simulate Dixon's voice

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