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Of course, the intrepid threesome has a leg up on the Covenant, since they have
the Hourglass they found last episode that will reveal to The Passenger's father her
location. The way it's done is the father picks up the hourglass ...

and smashes it on the floor as only The Passenger's father can do ...

and a ball of slimey green goo starts to coalesce, as once again ...

Slimer emerges from his sleep of twenty years, ready for another sequel, ready to
help the ghostbusting Followers of Rambaldi once more find a good stash of
sausages, The Passenger, and Rambaldi's endgame, not necessarily in that order
... oops ...

Sorry, he just seems to belong here ... really, sceances with green slimey goo to
channel Rambaldi? Who ya really gonna call?

OK, back to the story ...

Aw, it's Leakin' Lauren leakin' all over the JTF once again

and her nice hubby Vaughn saying, you know, let's take that vacation ...

which gets him a "shucks, I love you, snookums"

interrupted by a phone call from Thomas Brill, who says he needs to talk with Vaughn
about his father asap

So it's off to a fake dry cleaners for Vaughn, who probably spilled some of that
"swampoo" Lauren bought all over one of his fifty suits

while Lauren heads out herself

with Weiss tailing

It's Brill in a freight elevator, waiting to tell Vaughn some info on his dead dad. Seems
Brill was with William The Elder Vaughn on his final mission, and that mission was
unsanctioned by the CIA


Vaughn is, now wait just a darn minute, I know how my dad died, and he's not into unsanctioning

Brill says the dad was a good man, a follower of Rambaldi, and he was protecting the girl known as The Passenger by breaking her out of KGB custody and turning her over to his fellow Followers for safe-keeping, and you need to stop what his happening or his work will be in vain

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