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And so once more, the threesome reconvenes with the liberated Rambaldi artifact

into which Sloane puts the green goo, now contained in a small sphere

and suddenly they are getting one of those long parchment scrolls Rambaldi seems
so big on

Jack remarks, heck, looks like brainwaves

Sloane remarks, heck, we've found her

Back in LA

Lauren tries to convince hubby to tell everything, because if he doesn't, Sark will do
that danged-blast Inferno Protocol on him and he probably won't make it, and hey,
she cares a wittle or so she says

Moments later Vaughn is strapped down to a cot

Lauren pleads for mercy from Sark, cause, hey, you'll probably kill him and that won't get out the info we need, all the while in Vaughn's hearing

Sark's response is a good right palm to the face

and preps Vaughn for that thar dagnabbit Inferno Protocol

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