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Now Sydney is busy tapping into Bell's phone, so they can catch him making plans
to meet his fellow Trust members and tell them about non-dead Sloane, when Jack
makes a confession ...

When Jack heard about the Sloane/Irina affair, he did check out his DNA and Syd's DNA to see if he really is Syd's daddy, and the answer is yes, but even when he was in doubt, he still felt the same way about daughter Syd

Awe, warm and googly Sydney

Back in LA, it's slightly cool and gooey Vaughn who is being menaced by Sark and
his electrical paddle for info on what Vaughn found out from Brill, who evaded capture

Sark knows all about Daddy Vaughn and his Rambaldi-ness, and he thinks Brill told Vaughn The Son the location of The Passenger, which is what the torture is all about

Vaughn declines offering info to Sark and so ...

Vaughn gets zapped again

In another part of LA

Dixon and Weiss call in the troops to search for the missing-and-probably-tortured
Vaughn and the missing-and-probably-doing-bad-things Lauren

Back in Washington DC, Sydney does her thing at the Smithsonian

She's a cute paleontologist doing research on a paper on dinosaurs

and he's a nice Smithsonian paleontologist who is sent to show her around

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