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It's the season finale! It's Sydney going to work to upbeat techno-music ...

passing the retinal scanner which we've never seen before ...

and the DNA breath analyzer which we've never seen before, which Sydney prepped for by spraying something in her mouth before breathing into it ...

all the while not saying a word, but leaving
a trail of cellphones, like the one she's
putting on this ledge, all over the JTF - is it a portent, or is Nokia once again
doing product placement?

Now Dixon's saying a lot, like when is the Rambaldi equation going to be solved, Marshall, and Suit and Glasses says we'll find Rambaldi at the end of the equation

Marshall's saying eight hours, and that's weird

Syd, who apparently has at last run out of cell phones, goes into Marshall's lab ...

connects her PDA to the network and brings up ...

the Rambaldi equation

and then announces in Lauren's voice that she's uploading the equation -
Holy Mission Impossible, Batman, it's Lauren in Sydney disguise!

Now Robin ... er ...Sark is on the receiving end of the upload, in his top-down sports
coupe with a laptop and is thinking some kinky thoughts about Lauren's disguise,
and Lauren ain't sayin' no, but later

Just as Lauren finishes corrupting the Rambaldi data, Marshall comes in, makes
Marshall-esque remarks about looking for his flash drive, Syd's perfume is different,
and why the heck are you downloading Rambaldi's equation

So Lauren smiles a Syd smile while

pulling out a gun and shooting Marshall

Her job done, Lauren leaves the room, and Marshall crawls over to push the alarm

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