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Now Sydney is in some doo dah - seems she visited her sis at the CIA safehouse
earlier and this threat matrix dude Foster wants to know some more info

like how can she explain

the video of her shooting Marshall

Syd's concerned about Marshall, and other possible casualties

Foster suggests she be concerned about her alibi

In the midst of the mayhem-at-the-JTF-cleanup, Vaughn takes a bonding moment out
to tell Jack he's got Jack's wife disposal kit

Jack says, you'd better use it fast, cause they're gonna be looking for Lauren soon once they realize she's their intruder, making undetected wife disposal more difficult

Dixon interrupts with the news that Sark isn't talking

Jack says, let the old turning-the-tables mojo work for Vaughn, recent torture
victim is now grand inquisitor kind of thing

Dixon says, OK, Vaughn, but not sanctioning beating him up, just to make sure my
ass is covered, you know

So Vaughn goes off to do the interrogation

Sark says, hey, I'll talk, but you have to do something for me in return

but Vaughn is not fond of that suggestion

and so the questioning begins in an owey sort of way

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