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This time Lauren's talking ... to Sark to tell him to 'activate counter measures'

Sark monitors her progress through the JTF, and pushes the button on his little remote ...

triggering each of those cellphones Syd dropped to explode in sequence ...

and lots of stuff blows up

Seconds later, Weiss is calliing for medics for shot Marshall and telling Jack, hey one of the baddees is in the parking garage, according to relay monitoring, which brings up the question of why nobody was monitoring the relays earlier, but we know we'll never hear the answer to that one

And so Jack calls security and says check out the parking garage for the baddee

which is a simple task, since it is Sark doing his sitting-duck imitation - in his top
-down sports coupe with a laptop, hands raised, apparenly never having learned the
usefulness of sedans with tinted windows

Now Lauren in her Sydney disguise is seen walking past the explosions in the JTF and then running out of the building, all the while being followed ...

by Vaughn, who keeps yelling, Syd wait, gun in hand

until he gets knocked out by Lauren with a crowbar

And just to make it perfectly clear, in true MI tradition, Lauren pulls off her Syd mask

revealing herself, surprise surprise

Lauren dashes out of the building, into traffic ...

stops a car, and promptly shoots the driver in the head, so she can make her getawary

Vaughn revives seconds later, exits the building, and looks ... like he lost her ...
Photogenically, of course

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