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Seems it's all about a project labeled "S.A.B. 47"

initiated on Sydney's birthday (check out the official ABC site for the date)

and the subject is Sydney herself

and the project manager is listed as Jack Bristow

So Syd reads

and we wonder what she's reading

and what is so shocking

and why she's crying, until at last she's interrupted by ...

Jack Bristow himself, who says, Sydney, you were never suppose to have found this

It's shocked look moment for Sydney

It's very very peculiar look moment for Jack

It's time that all Sydneys on Alias start to cry again

And thus endeth the third season of Alias


And so, dear viewer, what did we learn?

We learned that Katya is either bad or incredibly visioned-impaired, because shooting someone
in the head is usually with the intent to kill

We learned that Rambaldi's endgame will not be revealed this season, and that Sloane and Nadia
will be busy in the season break taking their long journey to The Sphere of Life

We learned there is going to be another Rambaldi sphere thingee, adding to the Rambaldi sphere
collection of the Big Red Ball Thingee   and the flower vase   

We learned nothing addiitional about the Chosen One, or the Prophesy

We learned that Sydney might be some kind of weird CIA experiment, which has majorly squicked Syd

We learned that Jack can look really odd when he wants to

We learned that Vaughn does indeed have Balls of Steel  , and hopefully is a fairly good shot,
as well as being impervious to a punctured lung and the speed limits of atmospheric plane travel

We learned that Lauren's eyeliner still runs, and that she looks mighty dead

And at last, dear viewer, we learned we're getting no more answers for seven long months
as we wait for Alias to come back in January 2005

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