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Now somehow Vaughn was found and transported to the hospital, and Sydney gets
there in time for a gurney moment

and a thoughtful stare

when Jack arrives

Sydney says she's ready to make Lauren pay for what she did, with all those betrayals, and can I have a fake ID and passport and charterd jet, Dad, can I?

Jack says, you should really let Vaughn end it, since Lauren was his wife and he's the biggest betrayee

Syd says doesn't matter, Lauren's gotta die

A little later, Lauren is put in a cell adjoining ...

a rather bruised looking Sark

Lauren says, they caught me when I met your contact, which means you squealed to the CIA, but that's OK cause I would have too, and mom's got a lawyer for us, and by the way, how can she access your contact's computer results for the Rambaldi equation?

No problem, it's on a server somewhere, and the pass phrase is Nietzche's quote, Woman was God's second mistake

Before any other info can be passed, Sark finds himself throttled once again and Syd's
voice saying thanks

cause one good mask

deserves another

especially with a voice modulator

Sark asks hopefully is Vaughn's dead, to which Syd replies, no, but Lauren's
soon to be a goner

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