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Now Syd looks away for a moment

and Katya points the gun at Syd's head and pulls the trigger

only all she gets is an empty click because

Syd palmed the clip, although she didn't know Katya was a baddee at the time, but
now she does

so she shoots Katya with a tranq gun

Just about then, Lauren arrives at the site

and Syd moves down to the site, darting guards on the way

Back in LA, it seems Nadia slipped out of the safehouse through bathroom window and
goes to meet Sloane

Sloane says, seems the Covenant has already solved the equation, so the Sphere may be compromised

Nadia says, well, I didn't really want you to get the artifact, so when the fluid was wearing off I altered the equations, which means the Covenant is looking in the wrong place and let's go because we have a long journey ahead of us, since it's seven months before the new season begins

Back at the site, Lauren has discovered Syd and there's a big fight, with shovels
and axes, and a lot of comments from Lauren, including ....

I f you kill me, you'll never know the truth, and do you think the CIA couldn't find you when you went missing, or that you learned what happened to you by chance?

And if your mother is really helping you since you left, why haven't you spoken to her?

And you can't believe that your sister and you both just happen to be agents

And there's a a numbered vault in a bank in Wittenberg with proof

And finally, we're both pawns in the same game, but I know who controls me, but I guess you'll never know

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