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Back in LA, Weiss fills in Vaughn - you've got a punctured lung, Foster has revoked your clearance for going rogue, the hospital is on a lock down, and Syd's gone after Lauren

Vaughn says, Syd's walking into trap, Katya stabbed me, not Lauren, and I need your help

Help consists of Weiss calling for medics, saying Vaughn is flat-lining

The docs rush in with the paddles

but Vaughn gives them a charge instead, which knocks them out

Then he frog-marches Weiss down the hall past the guards, locking his friendly
co-conspirator in an elevator with them

before sliding down a firehose inside a staircase

and calling the guards to the other side of the building so he can escape, punctured lung and all, because this man has Balls of Steel  

Well, Sydney has waited so long that it's now night

when someone sneaks up on her with a gun

which the ever-ready Syd takes away from the stalker, only to discover

it's her aunt, Katya Derevko, who says she's here because her informants said it's
Covenant and excavating equipment here, which probably means the Rambaldi
artifact is near

OK, and so Syd hands the gun back to her aunt

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