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Now Sark is snarky, going on about pitying Vaughn, whose wife gets it on with Sark in every location imaginable

Vaughn says, hey, who cares about Lauren's affairs? She just needs to pay for the nasties she's done to my friends and relations

And so Vaughn once more asks for Lauren's location, with a promise
to disfigure the attractive hit man should he resist, and he begins with
some broken arm bones

Back at the other interrogation, Syd points out that whatever was taken, Syd
probably had access to it already, so why would she need to steal it?

Foster says, it was a Covenant op to steal the Rambaldi equation, and you and your sister are the Chosen One and the Passenger, so you're all Rambaldi involved

Syd says, Lauren did it - she knew the ropes, but she was on the Aliasverse most-wanted list so she needed a disguise, and anyway I was with my new-found sis

Foster asks, how did Lauren know you wouldn't show up at the JTF while she was
there? Did your sis call with request to go over to see her? And, by the way,
we caught Sark again

Well, Syd gets released, but assigned to desk work. She checks in with Weiss
for updates on Marshall (in the OR), hurt agents (they're hurt), and where's Vaughn?
Weiss says Vaughn's out blowing off steam after he didn't get anything outta Sark

Sydney calls Vaughn, who won't answer straight questions about what he got out of Sark, which triggers the lightbulb moment when Syd realizes Sark squealed

Now Syd actually calls Vaughn 'Michael', and says you kill her and either get arrested, or get away with it but have tell-tale-heart syndrome, but either way I lose you

What Vaughhn might have said at this point is unknown, since just then Lauren pulls
up and gets out of the car

with Vaughn following and seeing ...

Lauren meeting this Italian dude, who finishes the Rambaldi equation and gets ...

this longiture and latitiude, and gets ...

shot by assassinatin' Lauren

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