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Lauren leaves her dead Italian contact with the coordinates and ...

with a tail, in the form of Vaughn and crowbar

which he usess on her, followed by a cheery 'hi honey'

Back at the JTF, Sydney tries to access the tape of Sark's interrogation

but finds it's been classified by her dad

so she goes over to get some paternal answers

Now Syd wants the tape

but Dad says nope, you've got to let Vaughn do his thing and get closure

Sydney says, hey, stop projecting, just because you didn't wipe out Irina is no reason
to coach Vaughn on wiping out Lauren

Jack says, hey, could have wiped her out but didn't, regret letting her go, and if
Vaughn doesn't wipe out Lauren he'll end up just like me and I love you too much to
let that happen

Back in the unspecified warehouse, Lauren's on a hook and Vaughn's checking out
his little suitcase of Jack supplies

Lauren's gone all weepy, says hey, the Covenant made me marry you but then they left me alone for two years and I fell for you, you snookums, you

Vaughn's more interested in removing evidence Lauren ever existed, assisted by a bottle of hydrochloric acid to help with the extreme makeover, stealing her identity as she stole everything from him

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