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But ... but ... Lauren says she was going to tell Michael everything, that night at the
restaurant, but Syd had come back and Lauren got that superfluous feeling

But once again, Vaughn isn't buyin' it

Vaughn says, I hate you, but I love Sydney more, and that's why you're not dying tonight

and Lauren's eyeliner smudges some more

Before Vaughn can do anything more, he starts bleeding from the mouth because ....

someone just stabbed him in the back ...

which has Lauren saying, 'about time you got here' to the unseen stabber, and then
spitttin' on the hubby

Meanwhile, at the CIA safehouse, which is never safe and inviolate in a season finale

Nadia gets a visitor, her own dad Arvin Sloane, wearing a gizmo on his wrist masking
for a few minutes his heat signature from the thermal imagers - riiigghht

Sloane says, I'm going to find the Sphere of Life - it's full of Rambaldi's essense, soul, mojo, cologne, whatever, and didn't you start to feel those transcendental vibes when you had the elixir?

Nadia says she isn't into his religiosity, and tells Dad to go before he becomes thermal again

Sloane says, sure thing, but here are directions to find me in case you want to come
along for the Sphere of Life treasure hunt, gives here a non-thermal kiss, and leaves

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